Our Google calendar of practice dates, times and locations is shown below.  The calendar works with most desktop and mobile devices but there are a few that won’t properly display the information (typically mobile phones).  If that’s the case for you, our studio is located at 2817 James Street (Syracuse, NY), corner of James and North Edwards Ave. The studio is on the Edwards side of the building, look for the Tai Chi Revolution sign in the window.

Tuesday night 6-7:30 pm ongoing or beginner class (check our blog page for most recent class additions). Anyone is welcome, you will be integrated into the class.

Thursday morning 10:30 – 12 open practice.  This class is more “free-form” and typically we do the full set one or more times.  While this class is geared toward students with more experience, anyone is welcome and you’ll be integrated into the class.

Friday afternoon 12:45-2 pm ongoing class.  Anyone is welcome, you will be integrated into the class.

Come join us for a practice, stop by and get more information or feel free to e-mail us at


One thought on “Calendar

  1. Tai chi is a meditative exercise. It allows quiet mental focus while performing movements that are gently challenging. I attend three classes a week, and consider each one a highlight of my day. Tai chi is a dynamic endeavor in that there is always more to learn even in the simplest movements. The instructors are top notch and encouraging, and the classes are fun. I encourage anyone to try tai chi as a way to relax and increase physical stamina. It is a wonderful and unique experience.


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