Excerpt from a letter

A couple of weeks ago during Tai Chi Revolution’s Friday class at Barry park we were approached by someone who asked if he could join our tai chi practice. He was quickly welcomed into our circle and asked if he could do his own practice. Of course, your tai chi is yours, you should practice in the way that gives you the most benefit. After a few minutes he excused himself. But before this “stranger” disappeared, he gave Ellen a hand written letter that she read at the end of our practice. Here is a portion of that letter…

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for inviting me into your circle! I just got over a few days of fighting for my life, I had a terrible bout of ASTHMA and doing and being with your circle was very calming and connecting for me! And helped me to breathe better.
I’m very tired and weak-so I could only do a few minutes-which helped me sooooooo much! THANK YOU!


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