Break it up, just break it up….

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that Mahatma, my eleven year old chocolate Lab is with out a doubt hands down my favorite exercise partner…she makes me laugh and inspires me to keep moving even when I don’t feel like doing much of anything. In this harried hectic world that we live in, carving out an hour to exercise may be a challenge. Or maybe your someone who is recovering from an injury or you are just starting an exercise program and thirty minutes of continuous activity is intimidating. If your someone who does not have the endurance to participate for the recommended thirty minutes five a times a week, try dividing the thirty minutes into two intervals of fifteen minutes or three intervals of ten minutes. Walk for ten minutes at a time, get on an exercise bike or an elliptical machine for 10 to 15 minutes and then take a break to catch your breath. Studies are showing that breaking up the thirty minute time period into manageable chunks offers multiple benefits including burning more fat, reducing blood pressure after each ten to fifteen minute exercise session and reducing spikes in blood pressure. Exercise is very important for anyone with diabetes, it is nature’s way of helping to control blood sugar levels. Endurance levels have also been shown to improve whether exercising for 10 minutes three times a day or once a day for 30 minutes. Perhaps an even more important benefit is that your likely to stick with it because it is easy to manage and fit into your schedule. Find something that you can do a couple of times a day to get up off the couch or away from your work desk and just move to feel better! Need a few ideas or activities? This is an excellent book to help get you get started and it is FREE. And don’t let the name fool you, EVERYONE needs exercise!

A couple of reasons to practice tai chi…

REDUCE STRESS. This is probably the number one reason that I practice tai chi. The proven link to stress and the exacerabation of illness is motivation for me to continue with my own practice of tai ch. Another reason is BETTER BONE DENISTY. We are an aging population like it or not. Increasing bone density increases my chances of remaining active and healthy. Tai chi helps promote better balance, increases stamina and flexibility. And one of the best reasons to practice tai chi is that it does not take a lot of time. You can do a full set, all 108 moves in about 15 minutes.

Excerpt from a letter

A couple of weeks ago during Tai Chi Revolution’s Friday class at Barry park we were approached by someone who asked if he could join our tai chi practice. He was quickly welcomed into our circle and asked if he could do his own practice. Of course, your tai chi is yours, you should practice in the way that gives you the most benefit. After a few minutes he excused himself. But before this “stranger” disappeared, he gave Ellen a hand written letter that she read at the end of our practice. Here is a portion of that letter…

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for inviting me into your circle! I just got over a few days of fighting for my life, I had a terrible bout of ASTHMA and doing and being with your circle was very calming and connecting for me! And helped me to breathe better.
I’m very tired and weak-so I could only do a few minutes-which helped me sooooooo much! THANK YOU!