A Tai Chi Revolution member’s review from Facebook

Peter Skomoroch reviewed Tai Chi Revolution —
September 12 at 3:50pm ·
I started my Tai Chi in this studio nearly a year ago. It has the advantages of being a well lighted airy space ideal for floor exercises such as dance or gymnastics or Tai Chi.
It also is centrally located, easy to reach by car or Centro or walking through the neighborhood.
When I began, I had some balance issues, some concerns with my knees not being too steady, and the usual couch potato legacy of a job that required lots of desk work or driving around. I like to swim, to bike, but these activities were not regular enough or possible to do often enough safely in our city.
When I started, I realized what I assumed about health in my sixties was not based on evidence, but on expectations of what older people were supposed to accept as gospel about their present and future.
Here is what happened. In the first 12 weeks, my posture, my balance significantly changed for the better.
This occurred with two to three sessions a week. My significant other noted that once a week simply wasn’t sustaining the improvement. Until I learn forms and details correctly, with patient and persistent instructors and could practice on my own between classes, my improved health status could even go backwards. I stuck with it for several months. And……
after several months, i noticed my legs were stronger, and my
Tai Chi was getting better . Lately, just simply through muscle memory and confidence in what efforts I put in practice even my many years of knee issues were becoming less and less an issue.
Tai Chi as a practice, as a community, as a way of using your body to carry you in a safe, helpful and healthy way makes more and more sense! Thank you, TCR of Syracuse.


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