Check It Out! Two More Classes Added!!

We are excited to announce that we have added TWO more classes to our weekly schedule and we hope to see you there!

In addition to the Tuesday night (6 – 7:30 pm) class starting on May 5th, we’ve added the following two classes for on-going students:

Thursdays from 10:30 – 12pm – starting on May 6th at the the studio. Want to do a set or two? Practice some specific moves? Enjoy the company of other Tai Chi practitioners in a friendly low stress environment? This open class is the place for you!

Fridays from 12:30 – 1:30 pm – starting on May 7th at the studio. Take a lunch break and relieve some of the workday stresses! Come practice tai chi with us and go back to work feeling like you did something that is good for you! Improve your balance, your endurance, leg strength and make a new friend. For this class you should have some tai chi experience.

We look forward to seeing everyone! If you are a new student and looking to learn Tai Chi please e-mail us at to inquire about new beginner classes. We will also post new starting dates for beginner classes here so please check back often. You can find out more about us here

Things to know if you are planning to attend a class at the studio. Everyone attending a class in the studio will be required to wear a mask for the entire duration of the class for the time being. We will provide hand sanitizer and continue to ask that everyone wash their hands when entering the studio. We will keep the windows open for the entire duration of the class for added ventilation and will ask everyone to continue practicing social distancing for the time being. Many of the people in our club are older, immune compromised, or have other health issues that the practice of tai chi helps with. Let’s all continue to look out for each other at home, in our studio and in our community. We look forward to seeing all of our members and new people back in class!!


One thought on “Check It Out! Two More Classes Added!!

  1. Hi MaryGail, First thank you. Becky’s class is Thursday, May 6, not Wednesday. I will try to edit so it is the right day and date.





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